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The Successful Establishment of Sino-Israel International Orthopaedic Robotic Surgery Training Cente
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     “2017 Silk Road Xi'an International Orthopedic Academic Conference" ended successfully on September 10,2017. There were totally around 2,000 participants with 35 top foreign orthopedic experts and 179 well-known domestic experts. The conference was organized by Xi'an Medical Association and Xi’an Orthopedic Association, and co-organized by the Xi’an Red Cross Hospital, Chinese Journal of Orthopedics, Chinese Journal of Traumatology, Chinese Journal of Spinal Cord, Chinese Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, Chinese Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedic Journal of China, U.S.-china International Trauma magazine. The conference consisted of 13 orthopedic sub-forums and CAOS2017 Spine Microanology and Technology national patrol conference, which greatly promotes the orthopedic academic exchange in the northwest China, strengthens the important position of Xi'an, which was the origin of the ancient silk road, in the field of modern orthopedic medicine, and opens the window of the academic exchange on orthopedics surgery for the experts and scholars from home and abroad.

     Prior to this conference, Xi’an Red Cross Hospital has installed Israel Mazor Renaissance Spine Robot for over one year, and performed robot-assisted spine surgeries with a large number of successful cases, which benefited patients in northwest China. Xi’an Red Cross Hospital has already been well-prepared to be the training center of Mazor Renaissance Robot. On the occasion of this conference, Xi’an Red Cross Hospital and Israel Mazor Renaissance announced the establishment of the "International Orthopedic Surgery Training Center", followed by the opening ceremony.

      Prof. Feng Yining(the secretary of Xi'an Red Cross Hospital), Prof.Hao Dingjun(the dean of Xi'an Red Cross Hospital), Mr.Ori Hadomi(the president of Israel Mazor) and Mr. Amir Kimel (sales director of Asia-Pacific region) jointly unveiled the training center. Subsequently, Prof. Hao Dingjun, Prof. Zhang Yingze, deputy director Wang Ziming, and director Liu Shaoming from Red Cross Hospital; Professor Zeng Bingfang, and Vice President Ge Xiangfan from the Sixth Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University; vice president Zheng Gang from Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dean Han Jiming and secretary Feng Yining from Yan’an University School of Medicine jointly pressed the start button of the center.

      Israel Mazor Renaissance Spine Robot was introduced to China by Cicel. Safety, accuracy and intelligence are its greatest advantages. The three challenges encountered in the traditional surgery are invisibility, inaccuracy and instability. Invisibility - the internal structure cannot be seen; Inaccuracy – when placing the screw, the stability and operational precision is not enough; instability - many factors may affect the stability of the surgeons. Israel Mazor Renaissance Robot develops a safe and feasible operation plan according to the preoperative fluoroscopy images. During the operation, with only a small amount of the images, the system can automatically match the preoperative plan. After matching, it can automatically find the position of the screw as planned. The surgeon will then place the screw to the position guided by the Robot intelligently.

       The top challenge for orthopedic surgery is to avoid the screw hitting nerve or blood vessels. All orthopedic surgeons have been attempting to improve the accuracy through various methods in order to reduce the risk of surgery. Israel Mazor Renaissance Spine Robot is an innovative surgical tool developed in this new era, which can significantly improve the safety of the surgery, reduce exposure to intraoperative radiation, lower the rate of revision, and shorten hospital stay. Israel Mazor Renaissance Spine Robot is an effective, scientific and intelligent tool for the surgeons, it can also bring a safer operation with a better outcome to the patients.

Cicel’s mission: Continuously focusing on and introducing advanced medical technologies and methods, persistently promoting the development of China medical industry,  providing much safer and more convenient treatment technologies and solutions to surgeons, making comforting contribution to relieve patients’ pain. In short, “Science & Technology Advances Medicine”.