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About Cicel

Cicel (Beijing) has been developing for more than 20 years. Since the date of establishment, it has been committing to bringing the worldwide most advanced technology into China, providing more efficient,more convenient and much safer clinical medical solutions to surgeons, so as to benefit patients.


Starting with Neurosurgery, through 20 years’ continuous effort, Cicel has achieved success in Neurosurgery, Spine surgery and General surgery, including organ transplantation, Operating Room, simulation teaching and other professional fields.


With the development of business, Cicel team has also become stronger. With the head office in Beijing, we have set up branch offices in Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenyang. Chengdu and Xi’an cities, covering North China, East China, Middle China, South China, Northeast, Southwest and Northwest respectively, forming a sophisticated sales network, providing quality service and support to customers over China in a timely manner.


Each year, Cicel is invited to participate in or co-organizes academic meetings and activities in home and abroad, which builds an academic exchange platform for hospitals, helping doctors grow and bringing more and safer superior treatments for patients.


Company Mission: To continuously focus on and bring in worldwide advanced technology and method, persistently push the development of China healthcare, provide safer and more convenient treatment technology for doctors, and hence make encouraging contribution to the speedy recovery of patients, in short, science and technology advances medicine.

Company Vision: To be the leading service provider of China healthcare