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From the introduction of the first operating table system to the coverage of Orthopaedic surgery, Neurosurgery and General surgery with comprehensive and increasing product line, Cicel has become the backbone of China medical industry through twenty years’ development. Cicel provides excellent products and quality service to hundreds of Third Grade Class A hospitals, thousands of surgeons and numerous patients, and will continuously seek innovative technologies that can improve clinical value, so as to promote the service quality and level of China medical industry.

February 1996, Beijing Cicel Medical Equipment Co., Ltd was established.

1996-2005 Start-up period.

2005-2010 Rapid development period. Except for bringing in various advanced technologies, CIcel has also been paying more attention to deep international communication. Cicel invited domestic experts to visit Germany and America, communicate with foreign experts, learn and introduce advanced liver transplant technology.

January 2010. company name was changed to Cicel (Beijing) Science &Technology Co., Ltd

2010-2013 Transformation period. In order to cater for market demand and service more customers, Cicel expanded its business to orthopedic surgery. The structure of three divisions in Neurosurgery, General Surgery and Orthopedic surgery has begun to take shape, and each division is supported by a professional team with rich experience

from 2013, Cicel entered matura stage . Cicel structure is optimized gradually, and its operation is also getting sophisticated day by day , and has gained good reputation in the medical field.  

Every single day in the future will be filled with opportunities and changes, Cicel shall get well prepared with strong confidence to welcome them.